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We've all heard the jokes but is it true??


I didn't think I needed any,im a drummer."I hit things".
ok so I hit things,and for many years and had lots of fun doing it
then I sat and thought where is all this going?....
and why do drum solo's sound like a car crash in to a drum shop?
ok its never going be a violin recital but,COME ON!
Then it came to me's the only instrument that get's away with none musical soloing.

If the same mentality was transferred to a piano it would be like this ..
"ill whack a load of low notes for a while then ill zing down the high ones randomly for 5 minuets as loud as I can,,,"

See what I mean?.
How many people could listen to that out side an avant-garde jazz gig? 
no wonder the drum solo is dreaded.

What im getting at is this.. " musicality "
the five components of music are;


How many do we constructively use in our playing and soloing?.
Do you just use number 1.?

The more of these we apply the more musical our playing will become,
and hopefully you will be looked upon as more than just another tub thumper!

This is what lead me to Ostinato.
The repeated "musical" phrase.
By having a musical centre to a solo piece,
"I feel"  the resulting solo reflects this musicality.
The same way most drummers solos change when playing over an accompanying vamp (melodic ostinato) the players tend to leave more space and work in themes.

Yes the limbs can't always solo as freely as an open solo but I feel the musical benefits out weigh the losses.

So to conclude....
The mind likes order in the world it try's to see patterns in everything
even when none are present.

So to appear musical rather than a random noise we must create "order" in our playing by the use of the five components of music.....

talking of order's